Monday, January 23, 2012

politics and a creed

i was thinking about the impending election and came up with some things i believe about politics and our government...

• i believe we have more freedom, and thus greater responsibility, than citizens of other countries.
• i believe my freedoms end where your freedoms begin, and where they overlap, we should practice manners and common sense courtesy.
• i believe we the people actually means we the people.
• i believe i have a responsibility to vote and to vote responsibly.
• i believe in voting for the person, not the party.
• i believe our government has lost sight of what it is supposed to be and we are all responsible. i believe we are also all responsible for changing it into what it should be.
• i believe politicians should not be allowed in politics.
• i believe when super pacs and special interest groups speak louder than we the people, it is time for a change.
• i believe when politicians no longer listen to we the people, it is time for we the people to speak as one loud voice that demands to be heard.
• i believe when there is no compromise, everyone loses.
• i believe morality and ethics are not situational and do not change based on circumstances.
• i believe one person can make a difference.