Friday, January 13, 2012

i need a lyric sheet...

i know we all mis-hear things sometimes, but honestly, i think i need a lyric sheet whenever i listen to the radio. macy gray has a song titled “i try.” until very recently, i thought the last line of the chorus was “i want gumballs when you are not here.” i know it makes no sense, but then, break ups never do. and besides, who wouldn’t want gumballs when they are going through a break up? so, imagine my surprise when i realized the words were actually “my world crumbles when you are not near.” personally, i think the gumball line is much better as it’s definitely less obvious and completely unexpected.

my husband, ed, informed me not too long ago, that the line in "another brick in the wall" wasn't "no dogs or cats are in the classroom," but actually "no dark sarcasm in the classroom." who knew?? i figured that pink floyd was saying that dogs and cats don't sit in a classroom so why should people. apparently, dark sarcasm makes more sense than dogs and cats.

and finally, this morning, while listening to 929 dave fm, i heard fitz and the tantrums song "moneygrabber." i thought the last line of the chorus was "here is your paper party platter." it's not. it's "this is your payback, moneygrabber." had i not looked at the title and paid super close attention after seeing it, i would still be living in happy oblivion with my paper party platter.

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  1. Of course the classic mis-heard lyric is the old Creedance Clearwater Revival "Bad Moon on the Rise." Sounds an awful lot like "bathroom on the right" to most people.