Wednesday, April 11, 2012

craft room!!!

did i mention yet that i am a complete blogging slacker?!? well, i guess part of it i can chalk up to having moved my craft room from a downstairs bedroom into the room over the garage. my wonderful, awesome, amazing husband realized that i used my room more than he used his and so decided it would be good for me to have the bigger room. it took us a little while to move him out and get the room ready for me, but it's finally, almost all the way done!! i love it!! here is a little teaser picture of my knitting needle storage. :-) i had some old cardboard storage container tubes that i wasn't using. so, i cut them into varying lengths with a hacksaw, covered them with burlap and put a cloth ribbon around the top. there is a ribbon hook on the back so i can hang them. they are perfect for storing knitting needles, crochet hooks, etc.

as soon as i get everything put away and have started using my new area, i'll post more pictures. for the time being, however, suffice it to say that i am loving my new craft room and think it's a great space for inspiration. :-)

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